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There are many wonderfully talented Web Designers that offer some beautiful linkware for those of us that are not as talented.  I want to say thank you to all of you!

I have a few pages on my site that were created by some of these talented designers that have however decided to retire from web designing.  I still feel that they should be recognized for their beautiful work.

Also I have some beautiful music in midi form that I have use with the composers permission and I can no longer find them online.  I still want to recognize them for their contribution.

They are as follows:    

     Graphics & Designs - Thelma & Louise


          You can find Carol, a/k/a Thelma at

          her personal site: My New Garden &

          Allison, a/k/a Louise at her personal

          site:  Allison's Heart.


     Kirsten Harfot's Graphics - Kirsten Harfot


          I have been unable to locate and talk to

          her to see if she is doing anything specific

          since her site was removed from the web.

          If you know any information concerning

          her I would appreciate an email.


     Angel Hearts Creations


          I have talked to Elizabeth via email.  She is not

          currently doing anything in the way of Graphics.

          She is totally committed to Children Of The

          Promise.  Take a moment and visit her site.

     Romantic Kisses

          I am sorry to say.  The lovely lady that had

          this site is no longer online.  If anyone has any

          information about what she is doing now, I

          would love to know!

     Island Creations

          Linda seems to have taken her site down.  I

          surfed the web and was unable to find her.  If

          anyone has information pertaining to her, I

          would really love to know!


     Taliba Designs


          I am very sorry to say that I have searched the

          internet and have been unable to find any

          reference to a site for her.


     Delilah Designs  


          I am sorry to say.  The lovely lady that had

          this site is no longer online.  I have searched for

          and tried to email her an have been unable to

          reach her.  If anyone has any  information about

          what she is doing now, I would love to know!

      John R Bloise

          At the time I asked for permission to use his mid

         files he had several pieces of music that were quite

         beautiful.  If you know where his is I would

         appreciate having the information. 


Though these people no longer provide us with linkware  or midi files they will not be forgotten!



Teresa J Lampin (Gran)




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Midi "Walkaway" is sequenced and 

©John R. Bloise 

and is used with his written permission.


 Take a few moments and visit 

"MIDI Music Of John Bloise



The above link to John Bloise seems

to be inactive.  I have searched the

web for another one and have been

unsuccessful.  If you know of a new

address please let me know so I can

update this link.  Thank you.









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This web page is created and © Teresa Lampin (Gran).  If you have any questions pertaining to this page please feel free to email me.   Please respect the copyrights of the individuals that contributed materials for this page.  For those of you that would like a better understanding of copyright law click HERE.


If you find broken links I would appreciate it if you email me with the name of the page and what link is broken.









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Revised June 4, 2008